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Art, Game, Random shit. And one lazyness girl.
I have a lot of school work, but I don’t want to do now (since 2 weeks I said the same thing).
Little drawing before bed time. expression practice in particular, my weakness. 

(My, lovely Imperial agent from swtor, again…lalala ! )
Just a little Skecth of a caracter from ” In born conquest ” by C.S. Friedman

Anzha Lyu Mitethe Stellocommande

Need more Anzha Lyu Ilustration ! SOOOOONN

Mass Effect 3 OST - Convergence [Extended Version]

#Time to make carnage
When you come to deliver an Storyboard with templates and people with who you work decides to make new change. It’s company life ! ♪


finally finishing a drawing you really worked hard on


no one likes it


I’m pretty happy by the final of this speed painting (juste 1h30…hum)
Hope you enjoy !


Keloid by BLR_VFX

Keloid is a dystopian scifi short that you will wish was a movie in theaters right now.

Today I finished my paint of Mad Mikkelsen for open day of my school.
Bad quality but enjoy ?
(reference used : Mako from pacific rim)
Today I decided to finish this. I spent too many time for finish it, I would like to work/drawing more quickly.

My swtor caracter Imperial agent